CLC (씨엘씨) comeback with 2nd mini album ‘Question’

CLC (씨엘씨) comeback with 2nd mini album ‘Question’

CLC Question


CLC (씨엘씨), short form for CrystaL Clear make their ‘Question’ crystal clear with release of 2nd mini album. The Cube Entertainment’s girl group CLC is consists of Oh Seung Hee(leader), Choi Yu Jin, Chang Seung Yeon, Jang Yee Eun and Sorn(from Thailand). The girls made their 1st comeback with their 2nd mini album release on 28 May 2015.

CLC (씨엘씨) 2nd mini album ‘Question‘ track list:

01. Hey-Yo
02. 궁금해 (Like) *Title
03. Lucky
04. 숨바꼭질
05. 어쩌죠

CLC ‘Like'(궁금해) official MV

Video: CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel)

CLC performed their 1st album ‘First Love‘ title track ‘Pepe‘ (페페) in Dream Concert 2015.

Video: Skpb K-Music Live [Banned]


KARA 카라 release 7th Mini Album ‘In Love’ in May 2015

KARA 카라 release 7th Mini Album ‘In Love’ in May 2015

kara in love

Let’s fall ‘In Love‘ with KARA 카라 this May as they will become ‘Cupid‘ and make you see the ‘Starlight‘. The girls released their 7th mini album on 26 May 2015 ‘In Love‘.

KARA‘s 7th mini album ‘In Love‘ track list:

01. Starlight
02. Cupid
03. 그땐 그냥
04. I Luv Me
05. Peek-A-Boo – 박규리, 허영지
06. Dreamlover – 박규리, 한승연 [카라]

KARA‘s ‘Cupid‘(큐피드) official MV

Video: DSPKara

KARA also took the opportunity to promote their new release track song ‘Cupid‘ in Dream Concert 2015 along with their all time hit songs ‘Mamma Mia‘ & ‘STEP‘.

Video: hara Goo

Wanna see the ‘Cupid‘ in the making? Enjoy the official released MV making video.

Video: DSPKara

Enjoy the live performance of ‘Cupid‘ & ‘Starlight‘ on Show Champion

KARA performed ‘Cupid‘ on M!Countdown

Video: Mnet

KARA performed ‘Starlight‘ on MBC Show Champion


Kamilia, please give in your love and support to your beloved KARA!

“THIS IS JCW” – Asia Tour in Japan 2015

“THIS IS JCW” – Asia Tour in Japan 2015


Ji Chang Wook Asia Tour 2015 in Japan – THIS IS JCW will be held in Tokyo,Japan on 18 July 2015. The details of the event are as follow:

Venue:  The Toyosu PIT (Power Into Toyosu) Auditorium (6 Chome-1-23 Toyosu Koto-ju, Tokyo 135-0061)

All Seats:  11,800¥ (approximately $98.00 USD; purchase price includes tax)
No admission to children under 4 years old

Japan Fan Club Members:  Wednesday, 20 May 2015 through Tuesday, 26 May 2015 (must provide member number)

Mobile Site Members: Friday, 29 May 2015 through Thursday, June 4, 2015 (mobile link

Pia Ticketing:  Saturday, 6 June 2015 (website:

Toyosu Box Office Direct:  Sunday, 14 June 2015 (website:

Public General Release: Saturday, 20 June 2015 (website:

※ Ticketing for fan club members and mobile site members is on a first-come, first-served basis

Sponsored by:  Glorious Entertainment and TIMO Japan Co. Ltd.*
Produced by:  TIMO Japan Co. Ltd.
In Cooperation With:  Ji Chang Wook Japan Official Fanclub
Production Management: Mdash

Inquiries:  Mdash telephone: 03-6416-1515 (hours of operation 10:00am – 6:00pm)

Here’s the official teaser release for Ji Chang Wook Asia Tour 2015 in Japan – THIS IS JCW

JICHANGWOOK ASIA TOUR in JAPAN 2015 THIS IS JCW official Japan teaser

Video: ぴあチャンネル

For more information, kindly visit Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen

A Successful 2015 for EXID (이엑스아이디) with “Ah Yeah”

A Successful 2015 for EXID (이엑스아이디) with “Ah Yeah”

exid 2nd album ah yeah


The famous Shinsadong Tiger & AB Entertainment’s girls group EXID (이엑스아이디) or Exceed In Dreaming in full, finally fulfill their dream in 2015 with great success on their 2nd album “Ah Yeah“. EXID, formed by Solji (leader), LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa. The group debuted on 16 February 2012 with “Holla” and 1st EP “Hippity Hop“, but ended up in less anticipated success.

However, 2015 is definitely the year for EXID!  With 5 trophies winning track “Ah Yeah” and with over 12 million views and counting on their “Ah Yeah” official MV.

Here’s the over 12 million views hit “Ah Yeah” MV

[EXID(이엑스아이디)] 아예 (Ah Yeah) Music Video [Official MV]


EXID 2nd album “Ah Yeah” track list includes:

01. 아예 (Ah Yeah)
02. 아슬해
03. 토닥토닥
04. With Out U
05. 1m
06. 위아래
07. 매일밤 (ver.2)
08. 아예 (Ah Yeah) (inst.)

EXID (이엑스아이디) – 2nd Mini Album ‘아예 (Ah Yeah)’ [Full Album]


Their success also thanks to a viral fancam of Hani from “Up & Down” performance at Seoul Vocational Training Institute for the entrance ceremony. There were technical problem with vocal support as there was no backup vocal. The girls handled like pros and sang their parts and even filled in the backup vocals for themselves. The video went viral with over 1 million views! With the incident, it also proved how talented is the EXIDs.

Here’s the over 1 million viral fancam

Video: D ace

According to the official report, after EXID had their final stage for “Ah Yeah” on Inkigayo 24 May 2015. The girls will be taking a break from their non stop promotion activities since November 2014. They will definitely comeback on September 2015, so keep your support strong L.E.G.O!

Here’s their performance recorded video on Dream Concert 2015,enjoy!

EXID (이엑스아이디) – Ah Yeah (아예) + Up & Down (위아래) @ Dream Concert 2015

Video: Skpb K-Music Live [Banned]


ROMEO 로미오 the Anticipated Boy Group in 2015 debut with “Lovesick”

ROMEO 로미오 the Anticipated Boy Group in 2015 debut with “Lovesick”



The new boys ROMEO 로미오 from CT Entertainment made their debut by releasing EP ‘The Romeo‘ on 7 May 2015. ROMEO members consist of Kangmin, Milo, Yunsung, Hyunkyung, Kyle, Seunghwan, and Minsung.  

ROMEO’s 1st EP ‘The Romeo’ track list:

01. Smile
02. 예쁘니까 (LoveSick)
03. 데이지 (Daisy)
04. 너의 목소리

ROMEO_예쁘니까(LOVESICK) Official MV

Video: ROMEO – 로미오

Recently, ROMEO boys also showing off their dance move via their dance practice video

ROMEO_예쁘니까(LOVESICK)_Dance Practice

Video: ROMEO – 로미오

No only that, the ROMEOs also been praised for their sincere fan service during “2015 Dream Concert“.

ROMEO dream concert

Image: Star Journal

The boys were seen wrapping the present, writing letters and giving personal signature for the fans.

Let’s enjoy their ‘LoveSick‘ performance at Dream Concert 2015

ROMEO (로미오) – LOVESICK (예쁘니까) @ Dream Concert 2015

Video: Skpb K-Music Live [Banned]

Ji Chang Wook first Fan Meeting “THIS IS JCW” in Hong Kong 2015

Ji Chang Wook first Fan Meeting “THIS IS JCW” in Hong Kong 2015


Ji Chang Wook, a South Korea actor who act as a lead role in these famous drama Warrior Baek Dong-Soo (2011), Empress Ki (2013-2014), and Healer (2014-2015) is now having his First Fan Meeting in Hong Kong, 20th June 2015 with the tour title “THIS IS JCW”.

Ticket Price : HK$1380(included Hi-Touch) /$980/$780/$480
Date/ Time : 20 June 2015 (Sat) 8:00 PM (Hong Kong Time)
Venue : Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre

Furhter info and ticket purchasing can go through this site : HK Ticketing

4 MINUTE ”Crazy” hits over 20 million views in 3 months

4 MINUTE ”Crazy” hits over 20 million views in 3 months

4minute crazy


4 MINUTE made their comeback with their title track and mini album “Crazy” on 9 February 2015. Up til recently, their MV views has passed 20 million hits!

Previously the girls kept their promise to release the choreography version of “Crazy” MV once their MV views reaches 6 million.

Here’s the promised choreography MV.

4MINUTE – ‘미쳐(Crazy)’ (Choreography Practice Video)

Video: United CUBE (CUBE Entertainment Official YouTube Channel)

Now, here’s the ‘Crazy‘ MV that passes 20 million!

4MINUTE – 미쳐(Crazy)

Video: 4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel)